Fisher Table

Monekypod finished with Rubio Monocoat

Custom made for a client in Gainesville, FL, this table is intended for use as a coffee table.  The slab we started with was split in two, so some careful mold-making and epoxy work was required.

Apart from the epoxy work required two reunite the two separated slab segments, this gorgeous slab needed little more than careful sanding and CA glue patches prior to final finishing.  The grain on this piece speaks for itself!

The base, chosen by our clients, was made by Flowyline Design.

Rojas Table

Monekypod finished with Rubio Monocoat // Dimensions: 120 x 42 inches

Custom made for a family in Gainesville, this table was commissioned for use on their covered back porch.  As a primary dining and gathering table, we opted for straight edges – The straight lines and smooth finish make cleaning up after meals much easier than it would be with a highly countoured live edge.

After CA glue and epoxy patching a few cracks, the table was manually sanded to 320 grit, and given three coats of Rubio Monocoat. For an indoor-use table, we would typically apply only two coats.

Base: Heavy duty steel legs with black powder coating (custom made in Alachua, FL by Black Flag Metals)


Ocalafornia Kitchen Island

Guanacaste finished with Rubio Monocoat // Dimensions: 15 feet x 44 inches

This massive kitchen island / dining table was commissioned for a beautiful waterfront property nestled in the Ocala National Forest.  The Ocalafornia ecotourism farm routinely hosts large groups, so they were looking for a large table that could serve as an attractive focal point, as well as a practical gathering place. 

The clients visited our showroom and fell in love with an extra large slab of Guanacaste.  Due to their size requirements, they were keen on keeping the slab as intact as possible.  After treating some soft sapwood, and squaring off the ends, the final dimensions were fully 98% of the original unfinished slab.

In order to achieve a minimalist, floating aesthetic, the client opted for heavy duty hairpin legs – The slim profile of the hairpin legs belies their sturdiness.  The floating look was a success, and the narrow legs also leave plenty of room for storing stools underneath.  As pictured, the table comfortably seats sixteen.

Check out the Ocalafornia yoga retreat / event space / farm here:





Huddl3 Group Conference Table

Monekypod finished with Rubio Monocoat // Dimensions: 146 x 46 inches

This XL conference table was custom made for a tech company opening new offices in Orlando, FL.  Utilizing heavy machinery and considerable bravado, delivery was successfully made through a third story window into the client’s conference room.

Remarkably, this slab was supplied by the sawmill with one live edge, and one straight edge chainsaw cut.  Using some special tools, a few tricks, and a lot of patience, we were able to imitate the look and feel of a natural live edge on both sides of the tabletop.  It is honestly hard to tell which side is the imitation. 

The unfinished steel bases were custom welded in Utah by Red Arch Concepts.  The fabricator seems to have used steel at least twice as thick as what is common in off-the-shelf table bases, and they are incredibly robust.  A strong connection to the underside of the slab (utilizing 20 oversized bolts) allowed them to be installed without any supplemental bracing.

Carport Table

Monekypod finished with Rubio Monocoat // Dimensions: 67 x 26 inches

Custom made for a client in Gainesville, FL, this table was intended for use in her carport.  In order to sit flush with the back wall of the carport, the Monkeypod slab was shaped to have a straight back edge, while maintaining the look of a natural live edge piece.

The base was a pair of custom made sawhorses featuring a number of tropical hardwoods. Species included Monkeypod, Bolivian Walnut, Teak, Ipe, Massaranduba, and Sapele. 

The top was was epoxy patched, sanded to a fine grit, and finished with three coats of Rubio Monocoat. For an indoor-use table, we would typically apply only two coats.

Richman Table

Monekypod finished with Rubio Monocoat // Dimensions: 85 x 36 inches

This dining room table was made for a client in Gainesville who was looking for a special piece to accent their newly remodeled kitchen. 

The grain on this piece is remarkable…

The base was custom welded by a company in Illinois, and shipped to us for fitting.  Owing to the geometry of the base, we opted to have the slab table top ‘float’ on four foam pads affixed atop the mounting points on the base.  This unusual mounting method will allow the wood slab and steel base to move independently with seasonal temperature and humidity variation.  The foam pads installed between the slab and the base prevent unintentional sliding.




Thomas Coffee Table

Monekypod finished with Rubio Monocoat // Custom one-piece Monkeypod base // Dimensions: 48 x 30 x 17 inches

Starting with a tricky cut-off from a larger conference table project, this coffee table turned out to be one of our favorite projects to date.  The client, a Gainesville local, gave us free reign on everything but the budget – Special thanks to Tony Thomas for trusting us with this.  

A major split across the table top was filled with epoxy resin, as were the larger voids. After epoxy work, the entire slab was milled flat, top and bottom.  Owing to the peculiar orientation of the wood grain on the slab, we opted for two steel c-channels on the underside.  The c-channels will help maintain flatness, and reinforce potential failure points along the short grain-lines. 

The custom base was fabricated from a single piece of 3/4 inch thick Monkeypod lumber.  Using kerf cuts and steam bending, we were able to coax the board into its final shape.

Gambrel Booth Table

Guanacaste finished with Rubio Monocoat // Dimensions: 98 x 68 inches

This massive kitchen table was commissioned by a client in Upstate New York.  They contacted us after having another slab / resin table arrive at their home cracked in half.  I’m not sure if their table broke due to rough handling en route, a flawed design, or defective construction.  Regardless, they needed a replacement tabletop custom made to fit the booth seating and table base that they had recently installed on site, and they were looking for a new table maker. 

The width requirement for the slab was extraordinary – 66 inches minimum.   Slabs of this width are unusual, even amongst the massive Guanacaste and Monkeypod pieces we typically source. 

After scouring our supplier’s inventory in Costa Rica, I was able to identify a few good candidates and present them to the client.  She made her choice, and we had it delivered to FL with our next container load of slabs. 

The large voids in the original slab (typical in slabs of this size) required 5 gallons of deep pour epoxy resin, which we applied in three layers over the course of a week.  After milling off a full inch of thickness on our router sled, and many hours of sanding, the result was a functional piece of art.


Lancaster Table

Monekypod finished with Rubio Monocoat // Steel base  // Dimensions: 96 x 52 inches

This dining table was commissioned by a family in Trenton, FL for their newly built home.  The live edge was extensively sculpted for both a smooth feel and ease of cleaning.

One of the live edges was unusually dense, convoluted, and lacked the lighter sapwood typical of a live edge.  We believe the tree may have survived a fire when it was still standing in Costa Rica.  In any case, the unusual live edge made for a unique piece of furniture.

Base: Steel square tube legs with black powder coat finish




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